Calvin Klein Splash and High speed photography

Splash and high speed photography

Exploding things in the air, like tomatoes, water balloons or whatever, or water floating in the air, every kind of liquids moving up left and right against any force of gravity… Splash and high speed photography is focused on catching very little instants of life.
Capturing such images introduces a lot of challenges and need so much professionalism and high level technique.


How does one handle timing with exposures times faster than 1/6000 second!
We have to handle shutter lag, synchronize the flash and time the exposure to just the right moment.
But the shutter lag of any normal camera is so long that it will be all most impossible to time the exposures…
And how do you synchronize the flash with an exposure time of less than 1/6000 second?
So it’s not a job for all: the splash and high speed photographer is a very Cinematographer scientist!

focale-turri-commercial splash photography-white
Focale’s team is ready for it!
In this article you see some of the works of our photographer Emanuele Turri.
Click here for more creative ideas made by Emanuele.


Talk with us to create your new advertising commercial product campaing!
Something stunning is more effective. With splash and high speed photography you can boost your image on line and off line. Splash and high speed photography it’s a easy and fast way to produce high level images to gain new fans and followers and to communicate effectively!
Splash and high speed photography it’s not something unpublished or a never seen photo technique! Nowadays we are used to see stunning many pictures on line!
On the other hand, we are surrounded by images every single moments of our life: it’s time to do something different!
Let’s think together!
We are used to do the impossible! And we will do for you!

focale-turri-commercial splash photography-kiko-cosmetics

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