focale-360°-Product photography

360° Product photography

human eyes of a professional cannot be replaced by any software.
Let’s think together.
Today looking for “product photography” on google, the first results are occupied by software and rotating machines made in Poland that promise to do everything well, quickly and at low prices …
I wonder if those who set up certain companies think that producers or photographers still believe in fairy tales …

Together with the many bales circulating on the web, today the advance of all in one applications that promise miracles for shots destined for online commerce make us smile.
Who understands us a little more than the average, recognizes that a hand-made contour will always be better than a contour made with “magic wand” in PS.

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Obviously the great demand for images for e-commerce calls for low prices due in part to the huge amount of products to be taken, in part to the poor quality required for the photos to be produced.

For photography we pretend to spend less, but those who do it with excellent methods and
quality is still paid the right.
Do you think it’s not worth it to pay for quality?
Ask who the product photography really does it.

Saving money is easy even without buying softwares: hordes of post production agencies made in Bangladesh or India or Eastern Europe are online, where the labor cost is much much lower than here in Milan, but then I invite you to evaluate with your eyes sincere and sincere the results of the photo editing that you will receive. I invite you to check the methods used to plan the surfaces, to manage the shadows, observe if the material of the objects has remained the same or if it seems plasticized.
Don’t be fooled by super contrasted images and super white backgrounds.
Even the end user of your future e-store now has a trained eye and recognizes a site made with quality by one made with minimal resources.

We are no longer at the beginning of e-commerce. Customers are used to buying online. the price is the key to make a difference in placing in the optimal search engine results, but then the choice of a product or another is still carried out with the same eyes that were used until recently to see the objects in shop window or on a counter at the touch of the traditional shop in the mall.

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A work in a photographer team that shoots 360 ° + post manual producer is more expensive than a software with automatisms and presets.
For a mass market logic, we usually see online catalogs of web images paid for a tot per kg.
Working for a project in which having to make 500 products a week means being organized with a systemic cycle run smoothly where cataloging, space organization and logistics have their weight as much as the quality of the light used, the quantity of shots taken, the size of the rotating base for 360 ° shots and the phase of clipping and post.
We also know that post work, when destined for images published at low resolutions of 72 dpi with dimensions of just a few centimeters, must be contained over time because beyond a certain level of detail, it does not make sense to touch up and you risk only waste time and money.
In any case, we feel like marrying the cause of Cappasity 3D / 360 Platform because it is an indispensable tool for managing projects at 360 ° where the boundaries between photography and videography merge into one that guarantees image quality, speed of realization, measured management prices.
The need for an experienced and experienced team that knows the limits and problems of the process and tools remains undisputed. Technology cannot do much about this.

The professional experience and know-how can never be replaced by do-it-yourself, unless you have a lot of time to try your hand in the study and professional photographic practice!
Good luck! 😉

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