We remember with pleasure an important project created for a historical brand absolutely made in Italy: Alviero Martini Prima Classe. It’s a very well known brand for sponsoring the italian television format “Donnavventura“. and perhaps among the most copied and emulated brands abroad. Alviero Martini Prima Classe is a brand that has experienced important legal […]

focale-360°-Product photography

human eyes of a professional cannot be replaced by any software. Let’s think together. Today looking for “product photography” on google, the first results are occupied by software and rotating machines made in Poland that promise to do everything well, quickly and at low prices … I wonder if those who set up certain companies […]

Samsung Nx500 atl campaing

Amazing shooting for Samsung Italy for the national campaign dedicated to NX500 Smart camera. Photo shooting ATL for Samsung Italy Product advertising campaing: Samsung Smart Camera NX500 Photographer: Gabriele Fogli Styling: Alessia Caliendo Photo Assistant: Emanuele Turri Location: new Samsung Arena, Milano. Samsung Nx500 Atl campaing

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