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We remember with pleasure an important project created for a historical brand absolutely made in Italy: Alviero Martini Prima Classe.
It’s a very well known brand for sponsoring the italian television format “Donnavventura“.
and perhaps among the most copied and emulated brands abroad.
Alviero Martini Prima Classe is a brand that has experienced important legal disputes and that has always taken hold with the original “Alviero Martini” naming, although for many years the rebranding has coined the new “Prima Classe” naming.

For us, this is simply a product photography project conceived on the quality of detail of the GEO collection and designed for a national editorial campaign.

Client: First Class
Photographer: Gabriele Fogli @gabrielefogli_photography
Post Production: Focale team @ focale.it
Graphic Project: Sublimio @ sublimio.com


Alviero Martini Prima Classe

1Classe_StillLife_1b focale_stilllife_product photography_1Classe_StillLife_GabrieleFogli-photography-2 focale_stilllife_product photography_1Classe_StillLife_GabrieleFogli-photography-3 focale_stilllife_product photography_1Classe_StillLife_GabrieleFogli-photography-4 focale_stilllife_product photography_1Classe_StillLife_GabrieleFogli-photography-1IMG_9583

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