emma marrone siamoises video
Rome - 2014

Emma Marrone – testimonial Siamoises

Production and realization of the video campaign Siamoises S.S. 2014 with the italian singer Emma Marrone

Emma, exceptional godmother of her new streetwear collections!
We are pleased and excited to collaborate since many years with Siamoises: emerging brand launched in 2013 by the young designer and our friend Sara Giunti, an exciting project that combines fashion and technology in an innovative concept of fashion.

Production: Focale
Art direction & photo shooting: Gabriele Fogli
Movie direction: Alberto Marchiori
Focale staff on stage: Pasquale Vella, Stefania Cambiotti, Paola Bracciale, Marco Desideri
Location: photo studio in Rome.

Emma Marrone per campagna Siamoises_MG_2999Mdefstudio shooting emma marronesiamoises script videoemma marrone studioemma marrone makeup backstageFocale-EmmaMarrone-GabrieleFogli-fotografo-Backstage siamoises-140Focale-EmmaMarrone-GabrieleFogli-fotografo-Backstage siamoises-216Focale-EmmaMarrone-GabrieleFogli-fotografo-Backstage siamoises-249Focale-EmmaMarrone-GabrieleFogli-fotografo-Backstage siamoises-252Focale-EmmaMarrone-GabrieleFogli-fotografo-Backstage siamoises-256Focale-EmmaMarrone-GabrieleFogli-fotografo-Backstage siamoises-349Focale-EmmaMarrone-GabrieleFogli-fotografo-Backstage siamoises-439Focale-EmmaMarrone-GabrieleFogli-fotografo-Backstage siamoises-452Focale-EmmaMarrone-GabrieleFogli-fotografo-Backstage siamoises-473Focale-EmmaMarrone-GabrieleFogli-fotografo-Backstage siamoises-480Focale-EmmaMarrone-GabrieleFogli-fotografo-Backstage siamoises-484Focale-EmmaMarrone-GabrieleFogli-fotografo-Backstage siamoises-488Focale-EmmaMarrone-GabrieleFogli-fotografo-Backstage siamoises-511Focale-EmmaMarrone-GabrieleFogli-fotografo-Backstage siamoises-526

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